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"This is the one of the best Lavender based soaps available in India. I have a super sensitive skin and I am always careful on whatever products I apply to my face. When I initially read that, it can be used to alleviate acne and something which is organic – Yes, I decided to try it and I loved it. It has lavender flecks on it and it is really gentle and good in exfoliating the face an body area leaving it soft and smooth.”
-Ms. Renji Anooj, Makeupholic World
"It is very gentle on the facial skin and can be used for the whole body including face."
-Mrs. Sri Ramani, Sriz Beautyblog
" I really really liked the soap because it cleans the skin without drying it and the smell is just amazing. And it's a perfect soap for summers."
-Mrs. Deepika, The Brown Muses
"It is a nice soap that will be good for your skin. I have also tried shea butter soap once. I have to say it has amazing fragrance of saffron. It will be great for my skin so I will save it for winters."
-Ms. Megha Gupta, Review & Write Up